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About Us

Protein Republic is a 100% Aussie made brand headquartered in Melbourne. We pride ourselves on creating clean and delicious performance-based health supplements to help get you moving towards your goals. Our brand was envisioned “by one” but was “made by many’ forming a group of health-minded individuals which became Our Republic. Our idea is to shake things up. So, we dare you to Join our republic.

Our Beliefs

Stronger in Numbers – we're all in this fitness journey together, no matter your goal, we're all here to lift each other up!

Clean is good– all our products are made of 100% natural ingredients ensuring your body gets the best possible nutrients minus the nasties!

Quality is king – Why would you want to put something in your body if it's not the best? That's why we've only used the best quality to fuel your body!

Taste is a must– We believe having a fantastic tasting product is a must, we want to make sure you're not only getting your nutrients in but also enjoying it! We are excited to be a part of your health and fitness journey, and we look forward to hearing and seeing your triumphs and transformations. There is always a beginning, and this is it!

You can trust us

● Australian Made and Owned

● Online Only

● 100% Republican Taste Guarantee

● World Wide Customer Base

● 24/7 Customer service

● Flexible Payment options