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Very Berry Smoothie Bowl

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Meanut Butter Protein Balls are a sure, easy way to make every day a little more enjoyable when you keep them on hand. You don't need any special equipment to make these protein balls, which take less than 15 minutes to prepare.

Smoothie bowls are a go to favourite for us at Protein Republic! Part smoothie, part ice cream, they fill the tummy but are pretty much a filling meal. One of our favourite smoothie bowls is definitely a berry bowl. With the added benefit of vanilla protein poweder, you can tick all the boxes while enjoying the flavour hit.

A nutibullet or blender or any sort will do the trick.

When hunger hits, having a smoothie bowl recipe up your sleeve ensures you don't reach for processed foods. You feel great afterwards and ready for action. Or if you feeling like a sweet tooth hit in the evening, a smoothie bowl is a great option...just like an icecream dessert but healthy. If you have a few bananas at that 'over-ripe' stage, remember to cut them up and freeze them so you have them on hand for some smoothie bowl goodness. 

Very Berry Smoothie Bowl Ingredients

1 cup of frozen mixed berries
1 cup almond milk
1 frozen banana
1 scoop of Protein Republic Vanilla Lean Protein


Blend together the ingredients in a nutribullet or blender, until it forms a smooth, thick consistency with no clumps. (too runny - add extra frozen fruit , too thick - add extra almond milk)
Pour it into a bowl and top with any toppings you like. We used choc nut granola, peanut butter and strawberries! 

Customise it...

Showing making procedure is a good way to guarantee product quality

Why not try your own delicious add ons! Dates and honey can sweeten it up, and make it a mela on the go with kale, spinach or oats. Have fun!

How often should I take a rest day? 

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When engaging in high-intensity physical activity, you should take a rest day every seven to ten days. However, most workout schedules include rest days more frequently, such as twice a week. One of these days can be active recovery…stretching, yoga, casual walk etc. The other can be a passive recovery day, where you do not exercise at all.

rest day

Rest, Recover, and Sleep!

The importance of sleep cannot be overstated. If you are training hard, make sure you get plenty of rest. Insufficient sleep can alter hormone levels, especially those associated with stress, muscle recovery, muscle building, and performance. 

What foods should I eat on a rest day?

Despite not training on a rest day, avoid cutting your calories since the body needs the energy to recover from the previous few days of training. It also needs to refuel and prepare for your next session. Nutrition on rest days should include protein to help muscles repair and grow, complex carbohydrates to fuel recovery, and healthy fats to reduce inflammation. Your rest days are a great opportunity to take care of your nutritional health. You can source some healthy, organic produce and prepare your weekly meals. For inspiration, check out our recipes!

Got a sweet tooth on rest and recovery days?

When you're on rest days, your sweet tooth may kick in, so keep some delicious plant-based protein bars or whey protein bars handy. Most importantly, listen to your body. Know when it’s time to rest and allow your mind and body to recover. It’s all part of the journey to reaching your goals.

Whey Protein - Creamy Vanilla - Protein Republic
Whey Protein - Creamy Vanilla
Whey Protein - Creamy Vanilla - Protein Republic
Whey Protein - Creamy Vanilla

Whey Protein - Creamy Vanilla


Our Creamy Vanilla Lean Blend Whey Protein has been formulated to aid in muscle building and overall muscle recovery made with natural ingredients to keep you smashing those goals along with keeping you at peak performance in & out of the gym, while keeping you at ease knowing you’re not putting anything artificial, unhealthy and nasty into your body!

 Our Lean Blend Whey Protein boasts several key benefits which show why it’s becoming one of the most popular choices amongst fitness enthusiasts worldwide 


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